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Priscilla by Toonvasion



6 October 2017 at 14:57:28 MDT

Toon cat? Her Personality is kind of unstable. But I draw her very non-toony.

Anyways this is Priscilla.
Normal She is very: Blunt, very demanding, Insulting, Selfish, Crass, Cold, Vain, Tactless, Insensitive, Careless, Arrogant, and....VERY high maintenance. also thinks low of everyone.

But here's her trigger...if you manger to fight through all of that and get her to agree to date you or at the very least go out on a single date. All you need to do is say one or too kind words about her and she melts.

Now she thinks you the most romantic and kind heart and sweet person. She'd only want to be near you, maybe a little too clingy, she's passive and nothing bugs her so long as she has you, she's still somewhat selfish and like to hear about herself, but the more you do that to easier that gets. And she stays like this for a while, but her normal self reinserts itself after a while.

But now you know that she pretty easy t deal with.

She also love her leopard pattern lined leather suit. Don't ask me why? She normally up to date on fashion and has a closest of tailored get ups. But she likes that one the best.