They were both right.... by Toonvasion

They were both right....


18 September 2016 at 11:47:53 MDT

This is like a warehouse style of shop FULL of bottles...and paint cans....and boxes....and cages? Just full of ink.

I tried looking for the place but all I could find was a large empty store house.

Anyways listen to the first part about in this comic. I like think you really really can't predict what toon ink will do. We were lucky in this comic. Your more likely to be turned into a happy mail box rather than something with a sexy drive. Toon ink is dangerous and Toon ink is permanent. I also only like to draw picture of the people who got very lucky.

This is an old comic I finally dug up and inked. I recall having dialog I was super happy with and i remember think it was clever. And it tied the waffle iron into the first panel in a funny way. But i couldn't remember what it was. So hopefully this is good enough.
I avoided the Boyfriend and Girlfriend being comically unaware of things trope. But i still fell into the cliché of them fighting before a transformation. I see those two things often in story and comic about TF. I think we to try about avoid those from now on.

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