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Slowpoke by tooiebird (critique requested)

Slowpoke (critique requested)


17 January 2014 at 12:27:31 MST

Day 14! Slowpoke!

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    This is the cutest slowpoke I have ever seen ;u;

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      also the happiest slowpoke X3 thanks!

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    I'm liking the brush texture! You might want to be careful leaving some patches of darker color, im assuming the base you colored over, such as the two strips in the tail, and two in his right ear. They're a little visually distracting, and just need to be filled in a bit more.

    I think for peices like these, having a good visual loop is key, and you've got that. The tail pointing up sometimes leads my eye out of the canvas, so try to use the tail as a tool to help keep the viewer in the picture.

    Another suggesstion would be to change Slowpoke's gaze. To me, it looks like I'm looking down at them, so it would up the cute factor but having Slowpoke look back up at the viewer. Bonus cute!! Right now he just looks distracted. (Which hey, is also valid since it's slowpoke! haha) But just a thing to keep in mind for cutesy pics like this. Keep it up!

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      Thanks! I've been playing around with adding a closer base color (in this case a pink) behind the pokemon (I don't think I did in this one since I can still see some green showing through). I think that cuts down on the distraction of missed brushstrokes some.
      Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind!