Krytech Reborn Armor On by Tokon

Krytech Reborn Armor On


11 April 2019 at 19:44:47 MDT

The stars guide the planets with gravity, create life with light and heat, and utterly consume worlds in supernovas and black holes. These acts of creation and destruction are not opposites, but rather two parts of a natural, dualistic cycle.

As Krytech sits in the back of car speeding blood running from his ruined eye he remembers that passage from an old book he read.  For the first time he understands completely what it means.  He was destroyed tonight and rather then disappearing he will become something new.

As he passes out from the pain a black mote forms over his right shoulder.
At my last session Krytech had an eventful time.  First he gets stabbed in the eye and loses it, like permently.  Then he gets pinned to the wall by a giant minotaur with a cyborg arm and can get away.  So in retailation Krytech drops a grenade at his feet knocking him out.  So all in all a big character building moment.

So we all hit level 4 last game so I'm taking my first level in Solarian.  Should be fun!

This is with Krytech's Solarian armor active

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