Keton cleric of Gozreh by Tokon

Keton cleric of Gozreh


11 June 2016 at 06:30:53 MDT

Born to an ambassador, Keton lived in human lands for a number of years. As he looked nothing like those around him Keton was bullied often and had to learn to keep ahead of the bullies. To kept him out of trouble, Keton’s father had him apprentice to a carpenter. After completion of his apprenticeship Keton decided to travel and see the world. He was able to get a job on a ship as the carpenter. After a bad storm, Keton had to fill the role of surgeon as the previous fell over board. Even though he had little knowledge of healing he managed to patch up everyone and replace limps that had been lost. He spent another year on the ship learning more of healing and of carpenty. As a way to extend his healing skills Keton joined the temple of Gorah, a deity that he had already been worshiping on his ship, to become a cleric. After two years at the temple Keton has been trained up and is looking for a ship to act once again as the surgeon.

This is my character for a Pathfinder game for Skulls and Shackles. He is a ratfolk cleric. I plan on doing a series of pictures of Keton showing his progression though the campaign.

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