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17 March 2015 at 16:58:09 MDT

I got commissioned by raven-2007 to draw a giftart for Sezaii. I usually stream my process of commissions but this drawing was supposed to be a surprise so I couldn't officially announce my streams and have Sezaii pop in and SPOIL EVERYTHING!
That's why these past months I only did private streams that I invited some of you guys too. If you want to get private stream invitations aswell consider becoming my patron on www.patreon.com/Syvaender
It was a looong journey but this is finally finished. I had lots of fun feathers to draw. Like...lots and lots. This drawing basically consists of nothing but feathers and two beaks.
Anyway I'm really glad with how it turned out.
I had some trouble getting Hariel right as I was given 3 references of her and she looked different on ALL OF THEM. Thus I just snatched the two animals that she consists of which is an ornate hawk and a king cheetah and proceeded to reference off of google images of the original critters instead of getting confused by the drawn references, haha. I'm sorry.

Anyway yeah.
This is done and I'm unable to fill the void it has left in my life haha.

Do you want a commission aswell? Feel free to check out my commission information over here: Commissions are open fyi this drawing was ordered for 255.5$

Art is mine
Characters belong to Sezaii
This was commissioned and thus funded by raven-2007

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    The texture on those feathers gives me an artgasm. Dear goodness me you are so good at feathers/wings.

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      Awh thanks so much c: I'm so glad you like it.