Sailor Moon Redesigns :Outer Senshi: by TofuPanuki

Sailor Moon Redesigns :Outer Senshi:


16 July 2014 at 10:37:55 MDT

So here is part 2 to my Sailor Moon senshi redesign project, my favorites, the Outer Senshi! Pretty self explanatory, its been sitting there waiting for me to add the last few shading details so I decided to finish it to try and bust myself out of this depression funk I've been having. Anyways, particularly happy with this one, specially...well all of them lol

Little info:

Neptune: Wanted to give her a slightly Opera-esque look to her outfits, classy with opera gloves, stockings, and evening dress details. A smokey eye and sultry cherry red lipstick finish it off.

Uranus: Wanted to give her a fighter's look like with Jupiter, but with a slight General look about favorite part of her is her hair. Gave her a silvery eye shadow to compliment her hair and eyes and just a simple lip gloss.

Saturn: Wanted to keep the shy, slightly gothy girl appearance about her, but lolita it a tiny bit. The Scythe is because the God Saturn carried one and no where in Saturn mythology have a seen a glaive mentioned, only she's the senshi reaper lol.

Pluto: I simply wanted to keep her elegant and sexy, but still have that mature feel about me she was always the most elegant.

Up next is the Starlights and Princess Kakyuu, who just need to be colored.

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