News Incident by Todex

News Incident


31 March 2015 at 08:32:15 MDT

Original Creation Date: June 8th, 2014

A picture for myself 8D! Introducing Todex version 6.0, at long last!

Or should I say at TALL last, since he stands a good 1.5-2 times as tall as he did before. The most prominent change is the absence of a physical tail (honestly I'm not a big tail-fan >o>). This one is held in place by force fields and plasma (and can be turned off, turned on for decorative purposes, or powered up and used as offensive weapon or as cutting tool). The other glowy bits have also been reworked. Also he got some new head plating that helps to hold all that implanted stuff in place. :P He also got new implants at the elbows, useful for slicing into all kinds of things.
Powered up, the implants consume a lot of energy, so for most of the time, they're turned down to purely visual decoration level and don't have any solidity.

Anyway what you're seeing here is an incident that happened when one over-eager (and quite frankly: ANNOYING) reporter, going by the (purposefully annoying) name Smiffy Weezilwizz (yep!) pestered Todex a weeeeeeeeeee bit too much :T
I'm sure he was wise enough not to wiggle around or he might have fallen onto/into that superheated tail tip. Not good for your health, I assure you.

So there is that, then :>
Ah the other guy reaching for the camera (and subsequently.. >.> <.< neutralizing the camera-man) is a personal guard that Todex assigned for his trip to a corporate technology meeting.

The no-porn rule stays active for this new design of Todex, too. If for some bizarre reason you wind up drawing him, please give him pants. Else I'll get angry. >_>

Clean pic for once :D ENJOY~

Todex v6 and the armored Guard guy is © Me
Smiffy Weezilwizz - I don't care about him. I only made him because I needed an (annoying) victim. XD

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    why kill that guy? :o

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      3> Because how else do you illustrate that another character is EVIL. By doing EVIL THINGS!~

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        >3> was meant to be that!

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        well news reporters are annoying, so technically he's doing good :o

        its not like say painting stuff pink (the colour of evil!)

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    Oh, look, it's a robot shark guy killing people. Seems cool and fun! :D An over enthusiastic alien creature waves energetically

    Also, lovely artstyle, I am instafaving this and following you!

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      YOU'RE WEIRD, LADY! You should be scared! >:U

      Hah. I haven't drawn my own character at all in a year or more, I believe. :T I'm .... I forgot to add the original post date to this pic. FFFFFFFFF *EDITEDIT*

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        Oh, lol, no problem, no problem. :D I guess it was good that you got a reminder then, and all your art looks really awesome by the way.

        And YES, I AM a weird lady, if something/someone wants to kill me or someone else I usually take that as a compliment instead of being scared. xD MUAHAHA! Maniacal laughter ensues

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    To be honest i REALLY love the concept behind your character and Todex Labs at large, i don't see many character's actually running their own businesses "In world" and it's extremely appealing to my love of world-building. I suppose the base line i'm getting at here is, very well done and i hope to see more.