Worse than a Virus by Todex

Worse than a Virus


31 March 2015 at 07:51:03 MDT

Original Creation Date: March 6th, 2014

Ho' lord this commission took me a long time and was difficult. @n@
And as usual for those kinda things, this one was commissioned by DrXeno DrXeno as well!

Me, back then:

@N@ Oh SHIT Xenomorphs are invading the GRID. That's it, everyone decompile proactively or you're gonna get fucked up in a horrible way D:>

This is a superduper full commish for Mr.   drxeno - featuring his new and all-shiny digital variant of his Xenomorph dude - Dash. Well. Digital Dash!

This is the result of the DocXeno wanting a combination of a xenomorph with Abraxas from Tron:Evolution (the game accompanying - and playing priot to - the events of the Tron Legacy movie!)
So Dash combines the predatorial instincts of a Xenomorph with the viral lethality of Abraxas... one can only hope that the poor monitor program fella he just infected will have a swift end. :V

A design combination that had me running up the walls in ARTISTIC AGONY because it is a rather challenging thing to do! GAAAAHHHH But it was fun in the long run! X]
Did all of this in Sai, BUT painted a depthmap and then added lensblur in After Effects for the distant background parts after I was done with them. Next time I'll do that part in 3D! D8< Painting it by hand cost me a lot of time! @N@/
I gotta draw some Tron program dude guys smut though.. mhmmmm hmmmm.. anyways! Clean pic! :D

Digital Dash is © DrXeno

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