FUCK YOU, Nathan!!!!!! by Todex

FUCK YOU, Nathan!!!!!!


29 March 2015 at 09:45:13 MDT

Original Creation Date: August 10th, 2013

Perhaps my favorite picture of diarmaidhutchence diarmaidhutchence's shark-stud - George - yet!
And I still rather like his shirt design xD Seriously. I'MMA MAKE MY OWN DAMN CLOTHES BRAND @N@

Me, back then:

Daeyuhm! Don't push people into the pool when they've still got their smartphones with them D8< NATHAN YOU BASTARD!
(Nathan is the one taking the pic, of course ;B)

Sharkweek full commish for Mr.   diarmaidhutchence, featuring his very much pissed Shark-Adonis George, one cheerfully amused Jeremy in the water and the hand of Nathan poking into the frame as well.

Well nuthin' much to state that isn't obvious :P Oh yeah I still enjoy making fake clothing designs >3>/ Mr. Diarmaid wanted one in a similar fashion to the one in last year's pic so he got one! 2013 feels a bit more mature than '12, hence less blue in the clothes @N@
Been a while since I've drawn Jeremy as well. Done in Sai as usual, with some help of Poop-o-Shop!
This must be the first pic in ages that features a full character and does NOT count as adult rated >:O Oh snap!

George, Jeremy, Nathan are © Diarmaidhutchence

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