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Streaming Backlog, In-Streams, + Freebies by Toast435

Streaming Backlog, In-Streams, + Freebies


25 March 2019 at 16:23:08 MDT

NSFW Stream
In-streams are available, coloured sketches + lined & coloured!
3 in-stream slots + 2 Freebies. 1st freebie will be given at the very beginning of the stream 2nd will be given away in the middle. 
The 1st freebie will only be given away if there are 6 viewers in my stream. (Including me).
I'll be streaming for 4 (four) hours

10% Off if your Character is an ANTHRO POKEMON

How To Get Free Art:
For each goal I make I'll give away one freebie! 
If I have not made any money goals I will not give out a freebie. This is important! 
I do not give freebies out until a money goal has been met, please don't come in expecting a freebie immediately
Freebies are for watchers only, you must be active in the chat to claim your free art. 
Freebies are raffle based, you are not guaranteed free art. 
If you really want something from me, pay for it

If you leave at any point and do not come back or contact us with a reason why you've left while I'm working on your free art I will delete the piece and re-raffle it.

Coloured Sketches Prices

$26 for one character. 
$52 for two characters. 

Get your piece shaded for an additional $20!
Only available for sketches.

Lined + Coloured Prices

$37 for one character 
$74 for two characters.

+Most fetishes.
Fees apply. 
1-3 Day Turnaround.

+I do not draw non-con, scat, or NSFW cub.
+Spend $30 in this stream and get a free sketched & coloured headshot/bust.
Examples: || || || || || ||


2) OPEN 
3) OPEN 

Picarto Link: 

Stream Goal: $34.21 / $80
Money Goal: $105.97/ $300 


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