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Hey Guys !

TK here on Weasyl, happy to be a part of this community and hopefully making myself a regular here as well. I'm a big lovable Orca looking to share my art and make a few acquaintances along the way. If you guys wanna stop by and say Hi, please do!

I'm still new to how everything works, but I'll figure it all out eventually. So far I'm liking what I see.

The Donation link bellow is mainly used for accepting Mini-Sketch Commission payments. But if you feel like supporting me and my art, than please do so. Every little bit helps!

Accepting Donations Here


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    TK!!! AAA <3

    (you better post stuff >:U)

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    Heeeey, you made it!

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    thank you for the follow!

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    So happy to see you on here! I hope you enjoy your stay, and can't wait to see what you put up. Post more of your sketches, damn you!