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An Offer by TitusW

An Offer


Do it :P

My cheetah characters, the twins Lue’maar (left) and Ti’maar (right). Lue’ just wants to hang out, seems cool right? I wonder why Ti’ seems so concerned about you joining him…

I’ve actually been making some changes to Lue’maar as a character. Trying to make him less cartoon-villain evil and just more of a normal person level of bad XD More details will come later, I actually started work on his ref sheet, that will be pretty much the exact same as his identical twin’s ref sheet. Adapting the figure drawings and background and changing up the details and clothing for Lue’. Might be a while before it is done though!


In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to continue to experiment with rougher sketch-like drawings that were just ink and flat colors. This one is another attempt at that! I really enjoyed working on the 2 I’ve tried! This one is a bit more polished looking, probably because it is my comfort zone cheets, but I still put much less strain into drawing it.

I talked about this in the last post too, but usually I am very “try hard” with my art. These two I have tried to relax and not take it so seriously. It feels a lot different to work on art that way. I was expecting these to be really rough and to not look all that good, but I think the results are much better than I anticipated. Perhaps it is the case that I shouldn’t be trying so hard, because squeezing out that last little bit of quality takes most of the drawing’s effort and it changes my attitude towards art… who knows XD

I will say that I like the look of these a lot more than ones I have done before that were inks and some greyscale shading. The flat colors takes pretty much the same amount of time and effort as those do, so I think I’ll try to work more on this style instead of that one. And nice part is that if in the future I want to, I can just add shading to my favorites out of these sketches and then the drawing is “done.” I’m still avoiding doing that right off the bat, because it gets me into the perfectionist mindset that kinda sucks the fun out of these personal drawings. (and it stops me from starting the drawing in the first place.) My relationship with art has kinda soured the year or two, so I hope this continues to help :)

So I will do more personal art in this style and leave the shading and polishing for art that is more refined from the start, like the one I did a couple months ago. I really want to do more silly/fun sketches like this, character interactions and such, and some more world building! Considering these don’t take all that long especially. This one was like 8 hours plus a couple hours for some experiments to the style. I actually had it mostly done weeks ago, but got distracted doing other stuff like moving to Windows 11 on my PC and fixing my crappy internet situation (that is all solved now thankfully, and much improved!) Back to the arting haha.


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX (main) / Krita (flat colors) / Affinity Photo (export) - Total ≈8 hours | My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb

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