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Sparring With Alpha Nika'maar by TitusW

Sparring With Alpha Nika'maar


Another drawing with my character Alpha Nika’maar :D In my original world she is the Cheetah Alpha which means she is basically the queen of the cheetah territories in the Wolf Alliance. (Co-ruler with her mate Alpha Ra’maar) Here is a previous drawing with both of them! She also the mother of my twin characters Ti’maar and Lue’maar ^^

Been quite some time since I have drawn her in armor. (last time) So I figured she deserved an updated one XD This drawing is part one of a pair of drawings! The second one is an opposite view, showing her eldest son Lue’maar (also in some armor) sparring with her :P And after I post that one I will post a 3rd post with the both of these drawings side by side with some back and forth dialogue XD I thought it would a fun little pair of drawings to make with my characters that haven’t had their own images in ages.


This drawing was originally supposed to be a sketch (of course), so there are multiple versions of it. I will likely post them separately on my social media sites. One has her in most of her full armor (minus the helmet, toe guards, padded armor sleeves, and some other pieces) and the other is a partial armor with loincloth version that is the “canon” one for the scene. That one she would actually be wearing in a friendly sparring session with her son :P I also updated the overall design of her armor to bring it in line with the other Be’vaal Cheetah elite’s armor I have designed more recently (like Ti’s.)

The sparring sword she has here is blunted, and is about the same size and weight as her usual two-handed sword! It has a small weight in the end actually because her normal sword (seen in the old image of her in armor) has a flare at the end with spikes. So this one needed a weight to replicate the feel of her usual sword, without being as dangerous, while sparring XD


Small reminder that I have been live streaming on Picarto again! This whole drawing, and a couple more since, have been made all on live stream :) I tend to stream late here in Central USA time, clear through to the morning here and afternoon Europe time! I am active in text chat and there is almost always other people to chat with as well! Here is a link to my channel! -


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX (main) / Krita (flat colors) / Affinity Photo (export) - Total ≈15 hours | My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb

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