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Sudi by TitusW



Commissioned character art of a catfolk monk character named Sudi! Here he is in a temple of Bast, attempting to put on some foot wraps... but the mischievous cats won’t leave him alone! :P


Really enjoyed working on this one, turned out to be one of my favorite drawings I have made! I basically had to learn how to color black fur though, usually I avoid doing it because it’s difficult XD But I really love how it turned out here, well worth the effort :D Overall super happy with this drawing!

I think the scene is super adorable XD I don’t think I have ever drawn 4 legged cats in a finished drawing before, but I think they ended up looking pretty good ^^ I just thought of all the things I have seen my cat do irl, and draw that from imagination since it was a bit hard to find refs haha. I should probably draw them more often honestly!


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX ≈20 hours
Artwork © 2021 Titus Weiss. All rights reserved. | My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb