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Karina by TitusW



Digital toned paper character art commissioned by jazz316 of his wolf original character named Karina ^^ Thank you very much!

Another fun to make toned paper themed commission! They are probably my favorite type of commissions to draw at this point XD
Karina’s slave outfit here is quite a bit different than the clothes I usually draw, but it was a fun challenge to make that semi-transparent material with the toned paper style ^^ Her plantigrade feet were also a challenge, since I very very rarely draw plantigrade feet on characters! But it was good practice and I think they turned out great! :)


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX ≈9 hours
Character © jazz316. Artwork © 2020 Titus Weiss. All rights reserved. | My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb