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Zip by TitusW



Drawn portrait commissioned by Zip of his fursona :) Thank you once again, Zip ^^

Both my first time drawing a cabbit, and my first time drawing a character with purple fur XD I’m really happy with how it looks, was a fun experience! ^^ Also got to further advance my painting+lineart style, I’m really liking how that is developing! I always like how this technique looks way more than the other ways I have approached coloring lineart in the past. With portraits I think it’s perfect :)


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX ≈6 hours
Characters © Zip and artwork © 2020 Titus Weiss. All rights reserved. | My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb