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Serval Profile Pic 2020 by TitusW

Serval Profile Pic 2020


This is my new profile pic/avatar for all my sites! ^^ The old one was looking quite outdated to me, and I wanted an updated one for 2020 that was lighter and more readable… so here it is! XD

I guess this is my fursona :P And this makes it only the 2nd time I have drawn him before, counting the previous profile pic haha. As you can, I’m for more invested in drawing my OCs than my fursona haha. Things have changed with him a bit… Now he’s officially based in my comic’s world, where he seems to work as an artist :P I also changed some features like eye color to match irl me more. I’m honestly quite happy with him now ^^

I started drawing this many weeks ago, but as you know I haven’t been around much lately… Hopefully getting this done and posted will give me the kick I need! Next few drawings that I’ll post will be commissions, I’m currently working on 2! Stupid me is just taking ages with them -__-

By the way, I should be streaming again here within the next few days. Messed up my PC a few weeks ago (and a bunch of other stuff) and had to rebuild all my OBS presets this week XD But I’m good to go now!


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Clip Studio Paint EX ≈8 hours
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