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Dai by TitusW



Toned paper character art for TheLastKhajiit of his character Dai! Thank you again! ^^

Had a great time drawing Dai here :D He’s a tough warrior and leader that’s I certainly wouldn’t want to challenge! XD I’ve done a couple of other commissions in the past for TheLastKhajiit, of his characters Kiera and Kya ^^ (If I remember correctly they are both Dai’s daughters too.) His characters are always fun to have the chance to draw!

Put a bit of extra time into this one, so it’s a bit more detailed than most of my character drawings are! It was well worth it though, really I love how it looks! It’s actually one of my favorite drawings I’ve done ^^ I also used a slightly different technique for drawing the figure! I started with a “skeleton” of sorts for the pose and proportions, and it made drawing the figure and anatomy so much easier and fun! I will continue that with my drawings in the future :D


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX ≈10 hours
Character © TheLastKhajiit. Artwork © 2019 Titus Weiss. All rights reserved.| My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb