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Cellivar by TitusW



Digital toned paper character art, commissioned by Cellivar! Thank you so much! ^^

Cellivar is a
Kangaroo Rat, which I didn’t know existed until I was asked to draw one! They are super interesting (and adorable!) ^^ I don’t draw many rodents either, I enjoyed it! I also had a good time working on the clothing, practicing the folds and all :)

The more I make these toned paper drawings, the more I’m enjoying it! Such a relaxing workflow ^^ And drawing interesting characters makes it even better! :


Thanks for viewing! Please let me know what you think of the artwork in the comments bellow!
Constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Clip Studio Paint EX ≈7 hours
Character © Cellivar. Artwork © 2019 Titus Weiss. All rights reserved. | My Art Tools | Posted with PostyBirb


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    Very nice attention to detail.

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      Thank you much! ^^

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        Funny thing is, I wear pants like that...