Romana Fantasy [Collab] by Titash

Romana Fantasy [Collab]


3 December 2012 at 03:59:15 MST

ROMANA FANTASY - Summer 2012

Here’s an illustration on the Ancient Rome theme for EuroFurence 18. I started this illustration a few months ago, but due to my current health problems (check my profile) it was not possible to me to finish it, ie to make colors. It is finally Vekke who made it very great. A big thank you to her for her kindness and nice work, and to Henrieke who wanted so that picture didn’t went to waste!…

This illustration was originally intended to be published in the EF 18 conbook, but my "little" problems made ​​I miss the printing deadline. It was finally sold at auction to benefit (at 100% for Charity) to a dogs protection association in Spain… for € 1000. Awesome! :D Thanks a lot for them. Thanks to Vekke, Henrieke, Okill, Cairyn and all person who help to make that possible.

Unfortunately, with my very bad recovery, I was not here to see the auction because I had to cancel this year EF, like many other events. If you have photos or video of the auction, i'm interested. :)

Drawing & Inking by Titash • Coloring by Vekke

My inking version is available here:

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