[WiP] Dreams by Titash

[WiP] Dreams


20 April 2014 at 19:04:44 MDT

[WiP] Dreams
April 2014

I made this WiP pic few weeks ago, but I think it can be interesting to post it here.
Color version will come soon...

• Krabouille (meerkat / marten)

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    I love watching other artist's progress like that!

    Oh and so sorry I still haven't approached you about our trade - I keep being busy! I'm hoping around mid-May? I'll survive local comic festival and will have no excuse to put this off then!

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      Thanks Oly. :)
      Same for me: I love to see the drawing process from other artists. Always really interesting and make the final result more impressive. :)
      I would be curious to see a video about your drawing process.

      No worries, I'm little busy too, now. And I have other drawings to finish.
      Mid may I will be in vacation/convention for 10 days. But after I will be back (28) it would be good for me. ;)

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        Aw, I have no means of making a video right now but I'll definitely consider it later! I occasionally post WiPs on tumblr but not really often.

        And yeah, 28th or later sounds fine - I'm sure we'll do it someday! :)

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          WiP step pics are nice too. :) I need to check more Tumblr. ^^

          I would be really happy to do that with a great artist as you. :)

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            Likewise! :)

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    Seem hapopy.. even on the street.. I hope the weather is nice... ^V^

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      Krabouille is always happy... even if his life is not really fun.