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Fear and Desire - Part 5: In Good Times and Bad by Tirrell

Fear and Desire - Part 5: In Good Times and Bad


28 August 2014 at 17:56:20 MDT

--Originally Posted September, 2012--

"And here it is - the fifth and final part of 'Fear and Desire'. As always, thoughts/constructive criticism is encouraged/welcomed. I'd like to thank those of you who have read this, my first ever story of 'extensive' length shall we say. I hope you've enjoyed it! I would very much like to revisit this universe some day, so who knows, a sequel may happen at some point in the future.

Anyway, enough of all that. Just one author's note i'd like to make, i've used what is pretty much a UK-centric (i think) term of 'two stone' to refer to weight in the course of writing. It may be more understood if i point out this equates to about 30lbs, or just under 15kgs, depending on whether you prefer imperial or metric units :)

Note: A "Christmas Special" was written for this - it's available as the next part :)

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    I Finally read this.

    not bad, not bad at all, a nice way to show the friendship between the two 'main' characters, and having Jim bite, absolutely perfect way to show a (BLEEP) character; having them use dirty rotten tricks to win, and still have them lose miserably.

    and also, the friendship between the gay and straight main character duo shows a real lesson in acceptance, one that many close-minded people could learn from.

    truthfully, the 'UK-speak' took a bit of deciphering at parts for me, but that's likely because I'm not used to this way of speech and I managed to work it out and truly liked this story.

    I'll give my overall rating once I've read the 'Christmas special'

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      Happy to know you liked the story, and the character behaviours. Jim's tactics just go to show what a headcase he is D:

      I really enjoyed throwing the "UK-speak" in there, just to add another level to the story and make them sound like real people. I'm glad you managed to negotiate the dialect :P

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        yeah, it wasn't too difficult to comprehend the dialect.