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Fear and Desire - Part 1: Inner Turmoil by Tirrell

Fear and Desire - Part 1: Inner Turmoil


28 August 2014 at 17:32:08 MDT

--Originally Posted January, 2012--

"Sam is a fox just out of his teens who has recently come to terms with his sexuality, but is struggling to confide in those closest to him. One person in particular is his long-time best friend Nick, a wolf who has recently found himself a new football team, bringing with it split loyalties and testing their friendship to the limit.

Can Sam work up the courage to reveal his secret? Can he keep from losing his best friend to this new team?"

The opening chapter of my first multi-part story, 'Fear and Desire' - rated "Moderate" for language.

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    oh, I see you're putting up your other works.
    i'll read them when I can, after all, nothing you write could possibly be bad!

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      I am! I've pretty much posted everything on here now. :)

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        I've finally read this.
        honestly, this is pretty interesting, I'll be finding time to read the other parts, that's for sure.
        don't get me wrong, AAO is still better, but I'll certainly be reading this story, I assure you.
        when I can next find time, I'll take a look at the rest of this, part one has admittedly got me hooked.

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          Glad to have hooked you! :) This was the first story I ever wrote that wasn't for school etc. (except for one very short piece), so it'll not be as polished as my more recent ones, for certain! I'd like to go back one day and redo it, especially if i ever write a sequel.

          Hope you enjoy it when you read it! ^^