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Writing Back Catalogue

on 28 December 2013 at 06:33:19 MST

Hey there,

I figured I should utilise this account a little more, in addition to those I have on SoFurry and FA. As you may have seen, I've just posted my latest work 'Against All Odds' up to the same point on these other sites, and will subsequently post the upcoming chapters each Sunday.

On top of this, I will also take a moment to post my writing back catalogue in the near future. If you do happen to be interested in reading them before I post here, they can be viewed on SoFurry and FA (same account name - 'Tirrell')

Thanks! Have a good day.

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    oh, look at that, you reached 500 pageviews.
    congrats. :)

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    i'mma 'follow' you :)

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    parts 14, 15, and 17 of AAO aren't showing up for me! what's going on?! (panicking)

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    mr. tirrell, do you even use this site anymore?

    because I wanted to say that 'against all odds' was a wonderful story, I almost cried when Nathan and Alexei had to leave each other, and was amazed at how they lead their lives, you truly have skills when it comes to writing stories, and wish there was a sequel to Against All Odds, because it was just so gripping!

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      Hello there! Sorry for not replying sooner. I must say I've not ventured onto Weasyl for the last few weeks, which is why i've unfortunately missed your comments.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I'm happy you found yourself so emotionally engaged in the story~ Thank you too for the compliment, it does mean a lot and I hope that you enjoy my future pieces just as much, should you choose to check them out :)

      As for a sequel, there may be something someday. I'm certainly not ready to leave these two to lead their lives without putting them in a story again! At the very least, I want to put them in a short or two, dipping into the various adventures they might have.

      Thanks again for reading, and your kind words ^^

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        you are very welcome.
        but I must say, I really only joined weasyl recently, and that was after I read your story.
        you have 'mad skills' in writing!