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Litten Fursuit Head Premade by Tiny1Badger

Litten Fursuit Head Premade


27 July 2016 at 12:15:17 MDT

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This is a finished Kemono Litten Fursuit head.

This head features:
Foam base
Hand sewn face
Foam Core whiskers
Fur in the direction of a Fauxhawk
Fleece nose
Fur eye lashes
Static jaw
Gorgeous following kemono eyes
Three types of fur
21-22 inch fit, might fit bigger
Fully lined

If the auction hits 400.00 I will make hand paws
If the auction hits 500.00 I will make a tail
If the auction hits 600.00 I will make a full partial

I do not wish to make a fullsuit for this character, but if you offer me the right price I might budge on that.

Other info
Kemono suits do not have good ventilation because of the small mouth hole. Drink lots of water and take a few breaks while wearing this head because it can get stuffy fast and there isn’t much room to install a fan
I have taken measures to keep the insides of the eyes from fogging up, but your breath can still get on the outside parts touching your face, and condensation will stick to the domes.

Submission Information

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