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Commissions open! by Tikki303

Commissions open!


12 May 2020 at 13:46:38 MDT

Hey everyone! I recently redid my commission post to adjust prices and also just to get something new that’ll be easier to post to all of my social media, since I’m no longer just using tumblr as my only place to post my art!


-Payment upfront, paypal only.
-Edits can be made at any point throughout the process for no extra charge (within reason). I won’t redo the entire piece after the piece is finished. Changes should be made at the appropriate time in the process, like choosing to change the pose during the sketch stage and not after I’ve done lineart.
-You can post my art anywhere as long as you properly give credit to me. I give a license to use my artwork, not to redistribute. You are not allowed to resell my art under any circumstances.
-No refunds after the final piece is given.

Will draw:

-Ships (as long as they don’t fall under the things that I won’t draw, like pedophillia or nsfw)
-Mild violence/gore (ask)

Won’t draw:

-Mech (not confident enough yet, sorry)
-Rape, pedophillia, incest, extreme gore/violence (ask if unsure), bigoted/hateful content (truscum/transmed, racist art, anti anti, homophiba/transphobia, aphobia, any kind of LGBTQ+phobic stuff, TERF)
Anything that I’m not comfortable with or say no to

Each extra character is an extra 50% of the original price (not before adding in any extra for backgrounds). The more characters and the more complex a piece of art is, the longer it will take.

I will be sending progress pictures throughout the entire commissioning process, and changes can be made at each different phase of thumbnailing, sketch, lineart, color, shading, and background work.

If you’re interested in a commission, send me a message over here on my art blog, or any one of my other social media sites! I’ll give out my discord/email as necessary to clients who would rather work with me through those mediums.

Even if you can’t commission me, any shares help to get word out there. Art is my dream, and any shares/favs help immensely for me to start getting business! Thank you all so much for reading!!