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Commission Info!


7 February 2016 at 15:28:38 MST

The guide prices above are per character and don’t include commercial rights.

Full terms and info can be found here

I’m also available to hire for comic pages and other art/writing projects - so if you don’t see a price listed for what you have in mind, do get in touch and just ask (I promise I won’t bite)!

Email me:

I do have some general terms which can be read below (mostly that I refuse to draw nsfw content of or for minors).

You can also support my art and comic projects such as the LGBT* adventure romance Fera via Patreon where you can get early access to new artwork, comics, and more for as little as $1 per month!

My artwork is also on sale at: Storenvy | Society6 | Gumroad | Teepublic | Redbubble

Base prices include ONE character (anything from face-only to full body depending on your request and the artists discretion)

These guide prices are an estimate only, based on average time and costs to produce the finished piece. Please be aware that as such the final pricing may differ due to complexity. A simple single colour/gradient background or shadow is included free of charge, whilst more complex backgrounds will incur an additional fee as listed above under the header “Extras”. Also in that section you may notice an additional fee for “Details” – this is specifically any props, weapons, complex tattoos, wings, or other aspect of said character that will likely increase the complexity of the piece.

These prices do not include commercial rights – if you wish to sell products, or use the commissioned artwork for branding (such as YouTube/Twitch or advertising your business) these rights can be purchased in addition to your commission – just ask!

Also available upon request; character reference sheets, convention badges, social media avatars, banners, and much more!

Other Rough Guide Prices

Con-Badges are flat digital colour OR coloured with Copic Marker, include 1 character and your name - price doesn't include printing/shipping.
—— Waist Up (4" x 6") = £50

Art Pages
—— Character Sheet (from reference)
———— (2x full body + 2x portrait + (optional) 1x prop) = £100
—— Character Design (from scratch)
———— (2x full body + 2x portrait + (optional) 1x prop) = £200

Comic Pages
—— Pencil = £ 50
—— Pencil = £ 50
—— Inked = £ 25
—— Flat Colour = £ 20
—— Letter = £ 10
—— Cover (Full Colour) = £ 100

I'm also available for commercial projects too including;
@ Logo Design from £300
@ Web Ads Design from £200
@ YouTube/Twitch channel art from £100
@ Social Banner/Icon from £50
@ Content Writing

Will Draw

@ Comics
@ LGBT/Yaoi/Yuri
@ Character Designs
@ Pin Ups
@ Portraits
@ Furry/Monsters
@ NSFW/Erotica
@ Original Characters/Fanart
@ Blood/Gore/Slime

Won't Draw

@ Adult content featuring minors (all characters must be 18+).
@ Adult content FOR minors (if you commission NSFW content you must be over 18 years old).
@ Adult content featuring abuse, or non-consensual acts.
@ Content featuring/promoting hate speech.


@ Payments are via PayPal (I'll send you an invoice via email to be paid up front - don't send money to my t_iii address as I won't get it).
@ All rates are charged in GBP.
@ I retain the rights to display the images in my portfolio unless otherwise agreed.
@ The rates listed above are only rough guides and may vary based on the nature of your commission.
@ Rates include a digital file only - if you’d like a print of your commission additional fees and shipping will apply.
@ Rates listed above DO NOT include commercial rights unless otherwise stated - if you wish to resell/use the art on products, further fees may apply. Please ask for details.
@ If you cancel before work starts I will give a full refund (minus a non-refundable 10% which will cover PayPal fees).
@ If you cancel in the middle of work on the commission I will send you what has been completed, as well as deduct the fee for the amount completed from your payment, and refund the rest.
@ Once the artwork is completed, it is non-refundable.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital