Big Neighbor Disturber WiP by Tiido

Big Neighbor Disturber WiP


2 October 2014 at 06:54:02 MDT

Progress shot of the amp I am slowly rebuilding.

I have more or less completed the final poweramp bits.

What's done :

  • Input switching
  • Stereo/Mono
  • Channel switching
  • Power on/off pop protection
  • Volume control
  • Freq correction for volume change
  • Misc power related things

What's left :

  • Headphone amp
  • Speaker protection
  • Remote feedback from speakers
  • Tone controls
  • Filters

In few weeks I get all the parts needed to complete the remaining things ~~~~

I will also attempt to polish the knobs and buttons hoping to get them shiny again. These are all lathed aluminium, no casting or plastic schit ~~~~

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    Remote feedback? How ambitious! What kind of feedback system? Extra voicecoil, or just feedback point at the end of the cable?

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      The latter, at end of cable. I already made the cables but haven't done internal connections in the amp.

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        Is there something it's needed for or is it just for fun? If it's done wrong it can change the sound not because it's an improvement, but because the amplifier becomes an oscillator. This can destroy tweeters and cause interference.

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          I just want to experiment with it, to see if it can improve anything or not. I have some DIN8 connectors used, 3 pairs for signal, 1 pair for feedback. I have a 2x shielded cable going to speakers, shield being signal and inner being the feedback. If that stuff doesn't work out I'll just turn the feedback pair into signal one.
          In theory it'll fix any cable losses, which are probably inaudible anyway.