Troopers ~~~~ by Tiido

Troopers ~~~~


28 September 2014 at 19:10:44 MDT

These are the final stages of the Big Neighbor Disturber.

There's still a little bit of work to do but I cannot get to it until I have my new o-scope, it has functions to help me see and fix any distortion present. For now, to my ears, everything sounds good but we'll see what reality really is like ~~~~

I have also declared the amp 2 ohm ready. I have Amfiton 50AS-022 and Amfiton 25AS-027 hooked to it, 2 pairs in parallel, and I have let it rip and boy do those heatsinks get hot at 25V average output with some 50V peaks. I am totally amazed ~~~~~~~

Today, in some 9 hours I will do more torturing hahahaha.

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    Oh man I love electronics, sometimes what seems to be a complete mess of traces, wires and flying components is a work of art in it's own right. That's why I might upload photos of my projects in the future, maybe.

    Are those ceramic caps on the rectifier block? Will this be put into a nice rack chasis in the final build? Anyway this made my day!

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      Follow up question: What is your opinion on streaming while working on the bench, coding, layouting, or even streaming live demos?
      Because I considered it multiple times, but always think of the same reason why I don't stream while drawing: Not good enough.

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        Electronics can certainly be a form of art, at least I certainly view my stuff as such. Lot of "soul" goes in them just as into my drawings hehe.
        I would love to see your creations ~~~~

        They are snubber caps on the rectifier, I haven't actually checked if they give any benefit or deteriment but I see them used and that must mean something. But I'll experimentally verify that later myself when I have a better scope ~~~~
        The amp will stay as it is visually :

        When I watch streams I do other stuff, time is a commodity I don't have much of and I try to use it up as much as I can.
        I have yet to stream my own stuff but when I do it would likely be a healthy mix of everything, equipment permitting... I can still only do so much at once though. I do plan to stream drawing, PCB design, repairs/modifications/creation etc. later on.

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    I need to get into making stuff like this

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      It is most satisfying ~~~~