Spooky Tune ...!? by Tiido

Spooky Tune ...!?

Spooky Tune ...!?


23 January 2014 at 21:03:36 MST

According to a friend this is a theme to an haunted ninja dojo. It kinda has some hauntedness to it but not a whole lot.

This is one of those tunes that kinda started great and then I ran out of ideas as far as melody goes for the next part which is kinda empty. It does sound cool though, at least that is what I think. Maybe one day I'll get ideas on what to do with it, or perhaps someone of you who might be listening can come up with something ...? I am all ears in any case :P

Tonal sounds are YM2612/3438 and the PSG, with a bit of sampled bass instrument. Drums are all samples.

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    I've been trying to think about this one, but to no avail yet. xD; I like the beat behind it, and the melody sounds a bit like that "off" haunted feeling. Maybe it's -too- evenly paced? A stagger here or there would be a little jarring and maybe make it feel a bit more haunted.

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      Seems I have managed to miss this comment... There's lot that can be done here, and I have few ideas now. But it won't really get any more spooky from those, only more "full" haha.