Accent for the Accent Thread by Tiido

Accent for the Accent Thread


23 January 2014 at 15:04:27 MST

After a lot of tries I present you this !

The microphone only picks up stuffk you talk directly into it, and that means all the sound emenating from the chest area will be eaten, and one will sound gay... and that is what is also going on it there LOL

Anyway, that is how I talk English, particularly the last bit.

"See above those clouds, near where the blue sky appears to fold? Some say it is the entrance to the floating isles where pirates still rule the air and dragons choose to live. Only the most skilled pilots can sail their craft close enough to even glimpse the light coming from within. You can't find those who know the way; they find you. Rather, you four lazy tourists must learn from your books and be ready, so that you may not miss an opportunity to travel to that mysterious place. It would be an adventure that you would never forget. Now, I think that's enough with this pleasurable story telling. Go home and join your aunt - she's cooking fine food!"

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    You sound much older than you look! XD Awesome recording.

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      With a decent mic I would probably sound even older lol
      I did some noise reduction magic on it to get rid of the background noise such as... computer fan :P

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        Hahaha, that evil computer fan... ruiner of so many perfectly good recordings!

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    I could understand you perfectly, without even having to read the 'subtitles'. :D

    I hope you can get a better quality microphone so you can sing, too! Well, if you -want- to sing, anyway. x3

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      It is certainly good to hear I am intelligable hehe
      Getting a better mic is in the todo list, but I am a cheapass so actually getting one may take some time :P

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        I am also a cheapass. I can relate!

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    You sound like that 9Fan who works for Google if he had an ascent... Cool!

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    Oh my goodness, Tiido has a voice?
    I am loving what I hear.
    Your voice is very soothing and deep. ^///^

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      Yes, the catman can talk lol
      That's such a kind thing to say.... *blushes immensely*