Inscense by Tigris



5 March 2014 at 21:26:29 MST

Old art! He looks the same except, nowadays, he has thumbs. LOL

Max Lennon, enjoying the scent of a lovely stick of incense. He doesn't light them to cover the scent of stale drugs. He chooses to fill the room with the smell of strawberries, nag champa and other fragrances to get rid of the stale winter air when the house has been closed up for too long. Excuse his messy headfur, he hasn't had a visitor for a few days so he believes he doesn't have to comb his bed-head fur. ;)

I dunno where the boring grey walls came from, I guess I got tired of bright colors for this one.
For those who do not know Max, that glowing crystal contains his heart. After he had crossed over a bomb-testing facility, his body was thrown and his insides were mutilated in the blast. The only way he could survive was through magic from cheetah Yin-Yang, who encased the remaining pieces of his heart inside a crystal that he must always wear in order to stay alive. It always glows because of the magic that was cast upon it (the glow is reassuring to him that the spell isn't fading). He usually has a pocket on the underside of his poncho where he safely keeps the crystal so that it doesn't sway around, but I thought it'd look better this way for the drawing.

(ballpoint pen, photoshopCS)

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