Ricky vs Yarred [Boxing spar] by tigerwriter93

"Hey Yarred?"

"Yes Master?"

Ricky does a light, playful 1-2 combo on the fox's shoulder as a hint. "Wanna spar?"

Yarred reactively takes a step back from the punches before pointing at himself and blinking with a bit of confusion. "...Me? Now?"

He shrugs. "If you want. To be honest, I've been in a punchy mood lately, but I only know you and two others who I'd be willing to box with."

"Oh, boxing? I am by no means experienced, but I guess I could try giving you a greater challenge than a sand bag." The fox lightly punches Ricky's shoulder.

He chuckles. "I'm not all that experienced either, foxy. I know a few things, basics, but I've only sparred once."

"Well, I've had a few people show me the ropes, but only really spared with someone once too...Let's make that number higher then!"

"Alrighty then! Just uh," Ricky pointed at the fox's chest, "try not to turn, ok? It's just a spar; you're not in danger. Who knows? You may KO me," he chuckled.

Yarred smirked then snorted, though his ears lowered a bit. "I know what we are doing, don't worry. Besides, it's not just a sense of danger; it's more like a mix of different things plus that. But we can leave that for another time, eh?"

"Sure, sure. See ya in the ring?"

"Certainly~" Yarred walks past the tiger towards the lockers, his tail swaying a bit with each step.

Ricky grins and follows the fox to go change as well, giving him a little pinch on the ass.

Yarred flinched and turned around with a foxy grin. "Should I worry that you'll peek on me when I'm changing too?" He chuckled and walked into the locker room.

The tiger smirks as he follows. "Please. We've seen each other naked before. Besides, I think I should be the one worrying about you sneaking a peek while I change."

"Oh, you shouldn't. I would never try to sneak a peek on you, Master." He smirks and starts undressing after stopping in front of his locker.

Ricky was already shuffling stuff around in his locker as he starts to undress too. He just looks at the fox and grins. "To be honest pup, voyeurism turns me on~"

The fox was pretty much butt-naked and slipping on a jockstrap when the tiger looked at him. "Oh, I was just going to say that it wouldn't be so much peeking but rather shamelessly staring." He returned the grin and pulled out a pair of black and purple shorts from his locker.

Ricky was already in a jockstrap when he smirked back at the fox, chuckling. He put away his regular clothes and slipped on a pair of black trunks with three orange stripes on each side, an orange waistband, and an orange paw print on the left leg.

The fox simply looked at the tiger slip into his trunks, quite obviously enjoying the show. "You look cute in those, you know?" He smirked and slipped into his own black shorts with a big purple streak running on the side of each leg along with a contrasting white waistband.

Ricky flexed and smirked back, looking the fox up and down in his trunks. "You don't look bad yourself foxy. Purple looks good on ya~"

"I know! And orange brings up your stripes nicely." Yarred smiled genuinely for once and traced a green stripe on the tiger's bicep with a finger as he passed him by towards the ring.

Ricky murred at the fox's touch, lowering his arm. "Thanks~" He then grabbed his bag with the rest of his gear and followed Yarred out to the ring.

The fox stopped right in front of the exit and bowed as Ricky passed him. "Masters first~" A few seconds after, the black fox trotted towards the ring and climbed in with a pair of purple boxing gloves hanging over his shoulders.

Ricky was a little surprised at the fox's politeness, but smiled as he passed by. "Oh, thank you pup." He would ruffle Yarred's hair as he passed, climbing into the ring first and emptying his bag. He pulled out a pair of rolled up, orange hand wraps and a pair of black boxing gloves and would start to wrap up as the fox got ready as well.

Yarred began stretching in the corner opposite to the tiger's, a few cracks audible from him until he finally let out a big sigh and put on his gloves. "Whenever you are ready, Master!"

Ricky bounced on his feet a bit after he got his hand wraps on, just trying to loosen himself up. He plopped his bag off the side of the ring and put on his gloves as well, making sure the velcro was secure. He tapped his gloves a few times and let out a deep breath as he made his way to the center of the ring. "Alright pup! Let's get this started!"

Yarred walked up to the tiger with a big smile, bumping his glove with his master's before dropping in a southpaw stance while bouncing on his toes quite energetically. "You may do the honors, Master," He said with a smirk as he rose, his gloves at either side of his head.

After tapping gloves, Ricky dropped into a standard stance and rose his gloves up to his head as well. He approached the fox slowly, sending a few fake jabs to see if Yarred would instantly start to back away.

The fox rose his right glove to bet the jabs, whether fake or not, and stepped to the left while throwing a left hook aimed at the tiger's sides.

Ricky's right arm just happened to be raised when that hook landed against his ribs, already forcing a bit of air out of him. He grunted and tried to counter with a left uppercut to the fox's belly.

The uppercut to Yarred's abdomen forced some air out of him in a deep bark and cut him short of following up with a right straight. Instead, the fox opted to hop back into a full crouch while getting back some air.

Ricky pressed on, throwing a few left jabs to try and keep the fox back. He would also bob left and right occasionally, hoping to confuse the fox a little.

Yarred blocked most of the jabs and simply kept his guard up as the tiger hopped around side to side. He only did for a few moments though, before trying to hop forward to the side of the tiger and throw a few right jabs himself.

Ricky was already moving and made sure to keep his gloves up. One jab nicked him on the nose, but the tiger kept up his weaving momentum and dodge the next, circling up and around to counter with a right jab to the fox's head.

Yarred's head snapped to the side after the tiger's jab smashed his right cheek. The fox grunted and rose his right glove to his head reactively before lowering himself, quickly rushing towards the tiger with a left straight to his abdomen without much concern for Ricky's hopping around.

Ricky grunted loud at that, feeling that jab connect straight to his abs, feeling more wind getting knocked out of him. He instantly hopped back and raised his gloves, hoping to catch a bit of a breather.

Yarred shook his head a bit and let out a big huff as he rose back into his stance. he looked and smiled at the winded tiger and got closer to him bit his guard up, but didn't throw a punch yet. "Heh...Enjoying the workout?"

Ricky chuckled through panting breaths. "You...bet." Not wanting to let the fox gain ground, the tiger got closer to him. He got low and tried throwing a hard, right hook to the fox's ribs.

Yarred lowered himself as well and intended to sidestep to the right to avoid the hit while sending a right hook at Ricky's cheek, however the tiger had gotten too close and the fox ended up taking the right hook on his belly, folding over the glove as the air left his lungs and his eyes widened in surprise. He only hoped that his hook had at least made the tiger fall back.

Ricky's glove was already up when Yarred threw that hook. He quickly tried to throw a 1-1-2 combo to the fox's face while he was distracted from his earlier hook shot.

Yarred could barely react to after that gut-wrenching hook and ended up getting two face-fulls of glove crashing on his nose and snout. He yipped and recoiled back, barely avoiding the last punch but stumbling and almost falling in the process.

Ricky shuffled quickly towards the fox, throwing two left jabs, not caring if they connected or not. He would then duck and go for a right hook to the fox's side if Yarred didn't fall prior.

Yarred desperately rose his gloves to meet the tiger's jabs and tried to step back to get some footing. However, not really expecting the hook to his side, the fox let out a pained grunt and got knocked down onto his side, though he immediately rolled on all fours panting profusely.

Ricky backed up and put his arms down, panting hard and groaning a bit at the hits he got earlier. "Phew...Forgot how much...this takes out of ya..." He breathed deep, trying to control his breaths while letting Yarred take his time to get back up.

"You...don't say..." Yarred pushed himself into a kneeling position, holding his bruised side and winced while trying to catch his breath. "Fuck...and I forgot...how to take hits..." He let out a big breath before standing back up in a looser stance. "...lucky you."

"Hehe...they're...harder to ignore...with this..." Ricky let out one last, deep breath as he waited for Yarred to meet him in the middle of the ring again. "So...round two?" He then got into a looser stance, but still made sure his gloves were up against his head.

Yarred sighed and walked up to the center ring where he dropped back into his stance, gloves up in front of him and with only a couple feet between them. "Alright...ready."

Ricky tightened his stance, though tried to stay loose, watching what the fox will do. "Bring it on..."

"If you say so~" Yarred grinned and threw two right jabs towards Ricky's chest before ducking and fainting a left uppercut to his abdomen, instead going for a straight left towards his snout

The first jab hit, knocking the wind out of the tiger some, but Ricky managed to tighten up and lower quick enough to block the second. He fell for that feint, turning and lowering his arm to block that, but ended up getting smacked in the face. He mewled at the hit and immediately faced the fox again. He tried to counter with a fake left jab, only to go for a left hook to Yarred's side.

Yarred huffed and tried to duck under the jab he though was going his way and prepared to counter with an uppercut. He flinched and gasped, mostly in surprise when the black glove smacked on his left arm. He huffed after the scare and threw a quick jab to the felines abs instead of the uppercut he had planned.

Ricky huffed when that jab hit, quickly trying to back away and get his defense back up, knowing Yarred's starting to get aggressive now. He winced at his aching body and face, both from the hits he's taken so far and the fight in general.

Yarred knew he had to follow up quickly or lose the little advantage he had and succumb to tiredness. While staying low, the fox stepped forward and threw a heavy left cross to Ricky's abdomen and immediately aimed a right uppercut to the tiger's jaw, rising his fist with a loud growl. "Grraah!"

That hook knocked a lot of wind out of him, making Ricky stumble a bit. But he was too late in getting his defense back up when he felt that uppercut snap his head back, knocking him back to where he was sitting against the ropes, just barely keeping him standing. He groaned and winced, trying to keep his arms up, tasting a little blood in his mouth. He tried to ignore his aching body and quickly went for some quick jabs to the fox's face in hopes to get him away from the ropes.

Yarred wanted to keep on and rushed towards the tiger, but before he could even think about what to do a couple of surprise jabs to the face made his head turn with a pained grunt and forced him to step back with his arms raised to his head as he panted hard and tried to get his wits about him.

Ricky grinned seeing that he's gaining ground again. He stepped closer and threw some more quick jabs to try and force Yarred back some more.

Yarred guarded his head, blocking the jabs aimed there, but grunted as other stray jabs connected to his body, he stepped back again and threw a couple jabs towards Ricky's direction to try stave him off for a bit longer.

The tiger didn't quite realize how cocky he was getting and ended up taking a hit to the chest and another that grazed his cheek. He huffed and winced at those, backing up a bit for a moment of air, keeping his arms raised and an eye on the fox.

As much as he'd wanted to, Yarred was in no state to follow up that, so he simply dropped into a half-crouch and slowly circled around the tiger, the strain of his body visible on every step he took as he struggled to get back some air.

Ricky circled with the fox, panting and trying to ignore the aches and the slight taste of his own blood in his mouth. He used this sudden stand-off to get back some air as well. He noticed Yarred straining more than him, but he kept his arms up just in case. "Heh...got more...fight in ya...foxy?"

The winded fox nodded a bit, though his wincing gave off just how much his body all the hits and jumping around took out of him. "Just enough...for this!" Yarred rushed towards the tiger obviously winding up a heavy straight to the tiger's gut, just to sidestep to Ricky's right and throw a heavy hook at the tiger's cheek "Ora!"

Ricky flinched at the charging fox, preparing for a gut shot and lowered himself, though thankfully his arms were still up to take the surprise hook. He grunted at the attack, feeling himself stumble to the side from it, but stayed standing. He quickly got as close as he could to the fox and aimed a low, hard, right uppercut to Yarred's belly.

Yarred was too focused on his attack and didn't see the low uppercut coming. The fox yipped in pain and doubled over the glove, as air was pushed out of him in a deep grunt. He fell forward and grabbed onto the tiger's shoulders for support, panting profusely as small whimpers could be heard from him.

Ricky released his fist and managed to catch the fox as he slumped onto him, stumbling back a bit. He too was almost just as worn out, though he knew Yarred was even more so. He panted hard while they were in the 'clinch,' somewhat concerned for Yarred.

Yarred stayed like that for a few moments, finally pulling himself up a bit and standing on his own, though he didn't dare let go of the 'clinch' yet. "You...got me..."

Ricky chuckled then sighed, still holding onto the beaten fox. He took a moment to catch his breath. "So...you done buddy? Or do you...still think you can...go on?"

"Well...I can do...one thing..." Yarred hooked one of the tiger's ankles with his feet and pulled on it while practically pushing and collapsing on the tiger.

"What the?! Owww!" Ricky grunted loud when his back smacked on the canvas, along with a fox flopping on top of his aching body. He groaned at his already aching ribs being crushed, coughing some. "Nnghh...what the hell...oww..."

Yarred was a bit luckier having a white tiger to break his fall, but the impact made him flinch, wince, and grunt as they landed. He chuckled a bit and kissed the tiger's chin before rolling off next to him. "Worth it~"

Normally, Ricky would be happy to get a kiss from the fox, but he winced at it, as it was right where he got him with that uppercut. He gasped as soon as Yarred rolled off him and immediately sat up for his lungs' sake. He started to undo the velcro on his gloves to take them off. "Man...I should do this more often." He looked to Yarred. "And you're not...you're not too bad yourself, foxy."

The fox may or may have not known exactly where he was kissing, the only clue the tiger had was a cheeky smile from him as he saw the tiger get rid of his gloves. "No kiddin'...Man, I'm rusty..." The fox rolled onto his back again and simply stayed there splayed on the canvas, panting hard and groaning every so often.

Ricky set his gloves aside, but decided to leave his hand wraps on. He looked to Yarred and chuckled through heavy breaths. "Want me to get your gloves off for ya?"

The fox nodded slowly and moved his arm in the general direction of Ricky's voice, wincing a bit as he did.

The tiger gently grabbed Yarred's arm and untied his glove, slipping it off slowly. He set it aside and motioned for the other as he set the fox's arm back down.

Yarred grunted and growled a bit as he rolled onto his side and gave his other arm to Ricky, the fox looked pained but somewhat happy too. "Thanks...Master..."

Ricky smiled as he gently grabbed Yarred's other arm to remove that glove. Once he did, he gently set his arm back down and rolled the fox on his back again, groaning a bit at his own pains. He then gently laid himself down next to the fox so that he could turn on his not-so-bruised side if he wanted.

Yarred let out a small sigh of relief once the glove was removed, and didn't quite complain as much when he was rolled onto his back again. His ears twitched a bit from Ricky's groans, so the fox turned towards him and smiled back. "So...you win...this one...Congrats~"

Ricky chuckled but coughed, forcing him to sit up a bit, but that only tortured his abs more. He turned to Yarred and grinned. "Thanks...foxy." He rubbed his cheek, which still stung along with his ribs and abs. "Gonna need to rinse my mouth out...really don't wanna be tasting blood the rest of the night."

Yarred's eyes widened in surprise with his ear flat to his head. He immediately tried to stand up but after a wince and a whimper he was forced back onto his back "Argh...Fuck..." he said while holding his abdomen. "I'm sorry Master...I didn't mean to hurt you like that..."

Ricky smacked his lips a couple times. "It's more an annoyance really...In fact...I should be the one apologizing to you..." He chuckled.

Yarred blinked a bit confused, slowly turning onto his side to face his master. "Why?"

The tiger shrugged "Like you said: you needed to learn to take hits better. But...I think I may have given you more than you could handle..." He chuckled and scratched the back of his head, grinning nervously.

Yarred's expression softened and even began laughing a bit before grunting and holding his stomach again. "One sec..." He rolled back, closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. Soon enough, his body grew bigger, buffer, and wolfier (and fluffier) until he looked more like a big wolf than anything. Then, he stretched back, groaning a bit as his back and neck audibly cracked before letting out a sigh. "Much better...As you can see, I can heal fast; so don't worry about me."

Ricky was taken aback by the fox's sudden transformation and quickly moved back some on instinct. He winced as he did so, his body still sore and aching from the fight. He snickered after Yarred did his thing. "Lucky you...I'm gonna need at least a week...maybe more before things stop hurting...especially after this. Fucking hell." He stretched as much as he could, mainly his fingers to loosen them up again, not minding one bit that his hand wraps were still on.

Yarred snickered a bit and swiftly sat up with the grace of a 250 pound wolf-fox right next to Ricky, facing the tiger as he looked over him with glowing, violet eyes. "Wow...I really did a number on you..." The werefox gently reached under the tiger and slowly lifted him on his arms in a bridal carry, making sure he was sitting at an angle for the benefit of his lungs. "I guess I'll have to take care of you for a week~"

Ricky groaned a bit, but smiled. He petted his werewolf pup with a wrapped paw. "if you want~" He then looked around on the ring floor. "Probably should get our shit outta here too, hehe."

Yarred gently nuzzled the petting paw back, and even lapped at the tiger's cheek as the were stood back up carefully. "I'll pick them up later, Master. First let's make sure you can rest somewhere more comfortable." Yarred smile and carried his master out of the ring and towards his room, where he could rest more comfortably.

Ricky wrapped his arms around his werepup's neck as they made their way to his room. He slowly closed his eyes and relaxed himself in Yarred's arms until he would be set down on his bed, not caring that he was still wearing most of his gear.

Ricky vs Yarred [Boxing spar]


30 July 2017 at 21:38:52 MDT

Well, here it is: my first boxing match (spar) against my buddy/pup, Yarred. At the time, there were only a few people I was comfortable sparring with, since I was new to boxing at the time. Yarred did well during this fight too, though I know he's still learning just like me (and is more of a wrestler than a boxer). I'm also still getting used to him being a werefox, though.

I've also been meaning to post my match log thumbnails separate, so I can give credit where it's due on the original artwork. Granted, they can easily be found in my gallery, but still.

Yarred © yarem4

Ricky © yours truly

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