Chibi/Bean body examples by tigerwolfvix

Chibi/Bean body examples


16 February 2013 at 01:38:52 MST

Here is a nice assortment of some past characters made into chibi beans! Pretty good assortment of characters here... we got:

Sapphire the barn swallow bird (owned by me)

a Red Panda owned by animegamer04

a black stallion horse owned by whitewer

a male lion owned by NinjaLion

Axiroth, a panda-wolf owned by Pandolf's Parade

Roten, a tigerwolf owned by ME

a bernese mountain dog semi-owned by me

Lord Fenrir, a dark grey wolf owned by *GASP* Lord Fenrir

Basilisk, a german shepherd demon owned by Lisky

Eddiddiums the blue-striped white tiger (owned by Eddiddiums of course)

and a strange colored bunny rabbit named Vix, owned by PKmotors/DDRmixer