Pokemon banner by tigerlilylucky

Pokemon banner


10 April 2015 at 21:19:37 MDT

Emblem, Apollo, Racheal, Fabu, Zelos and Mary are all in the style of Pokemon Rumble style~!
Sorta because I did some minor tweaks here and there so they're still chibis!

Yeah, I know a lot people may be questioning me why I made greninja pink...was it an inspiration
from smash 4? Yes...and I had always wanted a pink greninja in smash 4, nuff said. And I love shiny
swampert too. But, you'll noticed some strange patterns on him...why is that? Because HIS father
is gastrodon. Main reason why his pupils is all pitch black, and he's also a shiny which is also why he
sparkles and his trainer name him named Fabu because he's fabulous. Admit it...pink pokemon are fabulous...

Emblem my beautiful Sceptile from my Alpha sapphire! With patterns from her serperior father.

Apollo and Racheal as chibi forms holding hands...gosh these chibis are way too cute....especially
Fabu....FABU WHY YOU MUST BE SO SO CUTE!?! Why must you torture me with your uberly cute
eyes! DX

I think I made Mary too much like ewoks from star wars...