Pokefusions Mega blaziken/swellow and Mega Gardevoir/Delphox by tigerlilylucky

Pokefusions Mega blaziken/swellow and Mega Gardevoir/Delphox


9 April 2015 at 17:43:28 MDT

First off, I really want to thank all my friends for helping me with the poll between choosing mega blaziken/mega gallade or mega blaziken/swellow in the end mega blaziken/swellow fusion became victor of choosing and it was really fun drawing mega blaziken/swellow fusion. I apologized for the people who wanted to see a mega blaziken/gallade but probably next time when I do have another random fusion idea. ^ ^

Yeah I added wings on the arm like hawlucha because...it looks really fitting for a fusion to have wings on the arm instead of the back. To me it would've look weird to have the wings on the back and again to me for a fusion it would not look to be very Pokemon-like at all.

Mega gardevoir/Delphox I adopted her from an amazing guy :icontyroheartnote: who gave an idea of a mega gardevoir/delphox fusion and provide the idea of what she look like. Thanks to him, I was able to made her very elegant right next mega blaziken. Yes...my absolute number one favorite otp have fusions(although these two are different characters entirely).

My mega gardevoir/delphox fusion is name Silmeria named after the Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile and Erik the mega blaziken/swellow Erik is named after a friend.