Amazonian and Samurai's Love Vagrant by tigerlilylucky

Amazonian and Samurai's Love Vagrant


8 April 2015 at 18:00:36 MDT

This is a redo of my previous sketch of the starters and I do admit the drawings I did for kalos starters were really rushed so I decided to redo the two pics and submit my favorite 3 Kalos starters pairing. I made Mary(chesnaught) more of an amazon like similiar to Tales of Destiny character, and her weapon primary an axe, and of course it's only to cut down her opponents. ;)

Right next to her is Poseidon the samurott, he is very fond of strong a woman such as Mary, although it took a while for Mary to become mutual friends for him since the lost of his wife at Unova, then eventually they gotten around to becoming couple. These two make to be a bearded warrior pairing and it fits since they're both badass in combat.

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