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Super Mystery Dungeon Chelinka and Hana'Kohl by tigerlilylucky

Super Mystery Dungeon Chelinka and Hana'Kohl


21 May 2016 at 17:34:50 MDT

My two characters that I chosen for Pokemon Super
Mystery dungeon Chelinka the fennekin and her partner
Hana'Kohl the treecko. The names and bits of outfits
are inspired by Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. I added
a couple of Pokemon in the background. It's sorta my first
time I photoshopping buildings. I really like the 'parental'
characters in the game carracosta and nuzleaf. Of course
my favorite sylveon character is in the game. Only this time
it's another oc. It's a male sylveon and yes I know sylveon
is female in the game but I think it's time I had the sylveon
be male.

Chelinka is a quirky nature along with a jolly nature treecko.
I pretty much choose fennekin and treecko which I had chosen
on X and AS. I am sad I couldn't choose torchick to pair up with
Chelinka but I realized how difficult the game would be if I had
choose two fire types.

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    Awesome work on the shading and details! I love how the extra detail on the main characters draws the focus to them, and I think you composed the background nicely too.

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      Thank you! I really love Super Mystery dungeon so much that I wanted to draw those two together, just as friends rather than two pokemon that is being shipped. I mean I done that in my previous mystery dungeon shipping my eevee with totodile but now for these two; I wanted them remained as friends like in the story. Backgrounds are usually my weakness but I used bit of reference hear and there to help me come up with a nice background.