The Swarm by Tidma

The Swarm


15 September 2015 at 10:53:58 MDT

Okay.. so i'm just calling this finished. Could more be done to it? yes..but if i keep working on it I'm going to go insane.

LOOOONNNNGGGGG awaited commission of a skaven character.
This is proof that I obviously enjoy torturing myself x)
29 rats including the skelerat and the Skaven are in this photo, a completely custom made gun(which many know I'm horrid at guns in general so pulling one out of my ass is a feat in itself)
And about 40+ hours went into it including many hours that where lost due to various computer issues. Seriously if i keeping on this I will go insane

commission for Mystnight on FA

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    Omg, all the ratties! This looks amazing, especially the skaven's face! So fluffy!

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    You might enjoy the artistic self-abuse, but your toil and dedication definitely shows! There isn't a thing or aspect about this piece that I don't love: the dramatic composition, the subject, the colors and lighting. It's artists like you that produce quality work like this that inspire me and keep me going.

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    What is the green stuff? :)

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      that, my friend, is Warpstone... a very funny, humorous even, substance ;-)

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    This is a really quality piece... great balance of knowing what to detail and what to leave loose, especially!!

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    Very well done! Very pro looking! The Great-Horned Rat would approve! Hail Skaven! \m/ \m/