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its all an accident! [need help] by Thundernawr

its all an accident! [need help]


Commission for spectrallik on twitter ouo was a nice thing to draw that "accident", surely wasnt more

Shark here:
Hello you all, i need to ask if someone here is able to help with something

My bf dergn has no home since now over 1.5 years, almost 2, and is on the last steps to get a real apartment again and not live in a hotel.
since all that time he got it together with comms to pay 110$ per day, some days abit less if his family did anything... 
additional to that he also paid for 2 storages where their stuff is, 350 monthly, he just paid that off, and as if that isnt bad enough, he got sick, badly, and is just resting as best as he can, on the floor, and hopes it gets better quick because drawing is very painful and tedious right now

so maybe someone can help him? with a comm he will do as soon as he gets better again, or just like that if you want to, please, everything helps, and its really not long anymore till he finally has an apartment again via "section 8"
please contact him at @Thundernawr
and thank you so so much for reading this wall of text qwq

Telegram @ Thundernawr (preffered) 
Twitter     @ Thundernawr
Weasyl         Thundernawr
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Furaffinity     Blake.Zekky
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