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FirewaveGamer Smash Ych by Thundernawr

FirewaveGamer Smash Ych


soooo shark here:

So it was running okay with  blake.zekky and the hotel expenses and stuff, paperwork is being looked at by the housing company in california and so on, all was kinda looking like he, HOPEFULLY SOON, has a "home" again after over 1.5 years xnx

But then ofcourse shit hits the fan quite hard, he got sick, i have no clue what it is, but hes laying down the whole day, headaches like crazy, also stomach problems and some more things, thankfully its not covid, but maybe he ate something bad? i have no clue

Its now going since a good 3 days, and hes just laying down trying not to puke out everything he gets in, but that also means hes abit behind on everything atm....

Problem is, he still needs to pay that darn hotel room all by himself and thus needs some help, badly and urgently, and so i want to again ask if you maybe can shoot  blake.zekky a commission or two QwQ any bit helps alot right here and right now, he has nothing and needs 110$ a night....just please, if you can, get a commission from him, he will hurry through them as fast as he can just right now hes the first time sick since a very long time.. Please help Q3Q

you can also note him on twitter @ Thundernawr or on telegram via @ Thundernawr

If you like my draws and would like to have one made yourself, maybe consider commissioning me! Just write me a note on one of the Platforms i use!

Telegram @ Thundernawr (preffered) 
Twitter     @ Thundernawr
Weasyl         Thundernawr
Inkbunny      BlakeZekky
Furaffinity     Blake.Zekky
SoFurry         BlakeZekky

you can also support me on Patreon for Exclusive things and Gifts and even more! The link is right Here

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