The Meeting by thunder

The Meeting


6 March 2014 at 10:06:52 MST

6 years ago there was the meeting of west and east. Lightning's Roman trireme got lost at sea. A freak storm sprung up upon them, blowing the ship into the rocky shores of modern day New York. He was spared, but in a strange world he had never seen before. And it was there he met a coyote, a Kanien'kéha warrior.

The coyote, knowing this stranger was well out of his realm, helped the shark by bringing him food and nursing his injuries from the shipwreck. Lightning soon shed his armor and tunica, as they were hot and noisy compared to the canine. There was a language barrier at first, but using patience and calling out the names of objects around, the two soon learned to communicate with one another.

Before long, the coyote, a two-spirit soon grew strong feelings for the shark. Little did he or the shark know that the feeling was mutual between the two. And one day in the forest, they both took a stab at their love, finding themselves locking paws and looking into each other's eyes. They knew this to be honest love.

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