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DFS - starlite deer by thug

DFS - starlite deer


2 September 2014 at 09:42:18 MDT

selling this guy!

i also have a nsfw version of this ref available on FA here:

looking for about $50 USD (i'll do a bust to go with for $70, though!), but i'll look at other offers. i am only accepting money, however! payment is via paypal and immediately, no holding. we are currently moving and we need the funds pretty badly!

i'll make edits for extra, prices vary depending on edits!

---you may not resell for more than you bought it.
---i do not send sai/psd files
---i DO send you a full size with a much smaller watermark!
---you may not make edits to the ref, or pay another artist to do so
if you would like edits please contact me and we can discuss it

comment to claim!

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    Frick, this is gorgeous. I would be interested in them if available.

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      they're still available, yes! 8) were you interested in the $50 option, or the $70 (which includes a bust with any expression you'd like)?

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        The $70 option. How about a happy smiling bust?

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          i can do that! i'll go ahead and send you my paypal info, and higher res images will be along this afternoon!

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    this is a truly wonderful & unique design!! i love the markings down the back and shoulders, a very handsome character :) i'm glad he found a home!