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I'm never very good at describing myself. XD Natural born klutz. Sweet-natured, kindhearted, open-minded, goofy, silly, insane. Child of the '80's. I love to collect and play with toys. I love plushies and always have one or more to sleep with. I play and collect old video games (and some new ones too.) I love to read fantasy and science fiction books. I am an artsy/crafty type. I am very introverted, also very shy. I don't like to talk on the phone. I have a phobia of driving a car. I love cats. I currently have 3 cats.
I tend to draw things looking to the left. It's kinda hard for me to draw things looking to the right. I have absolutely no idea why this occurs.



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Uploading some drawings >^.^<

Just uploading some drawings here!
Take care everyone!
Exclamation point!

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    Hello there, thank you kindly for stopping by and following my work! :D

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    thanks for the follow :D

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    Thanks so much for the watch!!! I really appreciate it ~~
    I love plushies too! Recently, I sleep with a big Simba xD

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      You're welcome! Your art is very cute. >^.^< Yay plushies high fives I have a Simba plush too! :D

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    Thank you so much for the follow! We really appreciate the support, hope you enjoy our future work!

    -AppleMonster Studios

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    Thank you very much for the watch! :D

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    Thanks for the watch!

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    Thank you very much for following me! :D