Nevada by Threetails (critique requested)

by Rose LaCroix

Beyond the gutter where the last drunk lays,
Beyond the last broken bottle,
Beyond the last broken heart,
Who gave up twenty years ago;

Beyond the last tortured neon tube,
Beyond the last stolen car,
Beyond the last condemned hotel,
Where Elvis used to shit;

Beyond the last cigarette machine,
Beyond the noxious stench of stale beer,
Beyond the worn carpet on the drum riser,
Where no-name bands play;

Let me raise up a shrill song of joy,
To the silver-dollar moon
And the green desert pool
And the joshua tree.

Nevada (critique requested)


20 March 2015 at 17:42:20 MDT

I lived in Nevada once.

The parts without people were nice at least.

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    This kinda makes me want to go there, all the same.

    I have a lot of catching up to do, it seems :)

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      I have lounged in a desert spring under a full moon while coyotes howled nearby; I'll cherish those memories for the rest of my life and in lifetimes yet to come. Vegas on the other hand was like a bad party where the whole world threw up and life was cheap. An ex-friend of mine used to work at a crematorium there... let's just say he was a busy man.

      And yes, you could keep coming back to just the western half of the US for the rest of your life and not see everything there is to see. I've lived in Oregon for 4 years and I've only seen a tiny fraction of the area. Really excited about my plans for summer!

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        I look forward to reading about them!

        I've not even done all of the UK yet...or France...