Se'Kar Watercolor Badge by Thornwolf

Se'Kar Watercolor Badge


10 January 2015 at 18:02:47 MST

A watercolor badge for sekar, featuring her pet boa constrictor, Emmy! Fun fact about this snake, she used to belong to my husband, drskorzy and was his companion for 15 years. When our move and lifestyle was no longer appropriate for large reptile ownership, friends got us in touch with Se'Kar who coincidentally had always been wanting a Colombian Red Tail Boa just like Emmy! Not only were we able to rehome her with an incredibly kind and attentive snake mama, we have made a new friend in Se'Kar and get frequent snake updates :D

This badge was fun to draw, not only because Se'Kar's character beautiful, but it's an honor to commemorate her relationship with her new family member :)

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    This is lovely, and thats great to hear about the snake as well!

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    Your watercolor/pencil work is always so amazing! And I think it's so awesome that you found Emmy such a great home and can even draw her :D

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    I remember when she got her first snake :) She's quite knowledgeable about reptiles and Emmy will be in good hands. Very nicely done :)

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    Wow this is amazing! Love the highlights on the snake.