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Darkness Lurks by Thornwolf

Darkness Lurks


This is my contribution to the 2015 Werewolf Calendar. - Preorders open September 1!

It is no coincidence that werewolves continue to considered fabled beasts of yore, as they take great care to remain elusive to humans. Sightings are more often than not the result of an inexperienced young rogue coming too close to human populations in an attempt to survive on their own, which can stir up new fables and tales of fearsome beasts that are half man, half wolf. The majority of werewolves possess the ability to hide in plain sight, either through clever camouflage, ample use of their natural surroundings for cover, or certain behavior causing people to think that what they saw was simply an abnormally large wolf.

I was very inspired by the stories of the Beast of Gevaudan and the concept of mass hysteria caused by a sighting of an unknown creature. Perhaps it's just an ordinary wolf, or perhaps its actually one of their own, having fallen victim to the beast's curse.

You can buy the original here:

I will accept payment plans on this piece via personal check, just email me if genuinely interested at

Next showing of this piece in person will be in the Further Confusion art show where it will be listed for auction. Be sure to check out the 2015 gallery at to see all of the other amazing artwork coming up in this latest installment of the calendar. Some really amazing images!

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