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Cruise Doodles 2 by Thornwolf

Cruise Doodles 2


22 February 2014 at 11:13:58 MST

For mine and drskorzy's honeymoon, we invited several friends of ours to come with us on a Caribbean cruise. Having our friends there was a blast, and led to a lot of fun times, some of which I've illustrated here.

doodled a couple of highlights.

Top left: Mbala is such a groaker! No matter how many piles of food he eats he always wants what you have XD Foxfeather takes it in stride ;3

Top Right: Foxfeather hates being wet. 70% of my goal for this entire trip was to be in the ocean as much as possible. Yeeep.

Middle Left: Was1 and I share some midnight friend fries from the buffet. We're such enablers of each others gluttony XD We even dipped it in chocolate soft serve. Help. Help. So good. Don't judge.

Middle Right: Bootid had some trouble with his customs form on the way back. He bought souvenir shot glasses and when asked if he had any commercial goods he said "yes. 9". The agent at the desk was like " only have 9 shot glasses to sell?" "no I'm not selling them! D:" "You need to change that then". It was pretty weirdly worded on the form I will admit.

Bottom Left: On St. Maarten we got to try sugar cane juice. Sugar. And. Wa-ter. More. More. :I

Bottom Right: Moo and Keet made ample use of "duty free" and cheaper international pricing on the rum bearing islands. Oh yes.

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    Sounds like you had a great time. Where all did you go? And was it on one of those gigantic cruise ships? I see them come into port here in Puerto Vallarta all the time. My godfrey but they're big!!!

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      Yeah! It was a Carnival Cruise Ship (Valor) and we started in Puerto Rico, then from there went to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, then St. Maartin. Really really fun!

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        I haven't seen the Valor. Sounds like a great itinerary though. I keep thinking about a cruise but I'm so impatient to get where I'm going. I don't know if I could stand the wait between ports. But then all those are pretty close together aren't they?

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          Yeah you hardly notice it because the ship moves when you're asleep. We spend all day at port doing touristy things (mostly we rented cabs for the day and told them what we wanted to do. Cheaper/better than doing the ship sponsored things in most cases) and we went back on board for dinner, and during dinner the ship picks up anchor and sails away to the next port during the night. You wake up in a new place!

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            That sounds good!
            I've also found that renting a cab for the day is better than going on organized tours. Those tour things rush you along unmercifully and you barely get to see what you came for.....where with the cab YOU are in charge of your time. ;3

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    OMG the expression that sugar kicked rodent has haha