Capricanis Soap Label - Omi Bou's Orange Spice by Thornwolf

Capricanis Soap Label - Omi Bou's Orange Spice


24 December 2013 at 10:33:51 MST

omi ordered some custom soap party favors for Christmas from (The craft soap moo and I make..well she makes it, I design stuff for it) and this is the label artwork I drew :) Pretty proud of this one.

The soap smells soooooo good, wrapping them all was sending me into fits of delicious bliss. x__x Her chosen scent was Orange Spice, like the tea, and if this isn't the most Christmassy scent I don't know what is. Spicy spicy!

Also Omi Bou is adorable!!! Love this character :)

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    Absolutely love how this turned out!
    The soap was perfect, it smelled exactly as I had envisioned in my head! I wanted it to smell like my favorite tea from Market Spice, which is their signature orange/cinnamon blend, and Capricanis delivered.
    The artwork was a double bonus, because I literally squeed when I saw it. It's so cute, and feels warm and Christmassy.
    It was a pleasure to hand these out, and everyone was super surprised with them I think.
    Definitely recommend anyone wanting their own unique soap as a gift to give this a shot.